Possible Proof of Residence Documents

What are examples of government agencies who can issue Proof of Residence documents?

This is not a comprehensive list. These are only examples of units of government.

  • Local units of government include: city, town or village clerk or treasurer's office, your county clerk or treasurer, and many others.
  • State units of government include: Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV or DOT), Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR), Dept. of Workforce Development (DWD), Dept. of Human Services, and many others.
  • Federal units of government include: Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Medicare (not second party vendors), Social Security, and many others.

What are examples of Proof of Residence documents issued by a government agency?

This is not a comprehensive list. These are only examples of proof of residence documents.

  • Fishing and hunting licenses
  • Vehicle registrations
  • Food stamps, Wisconsin Works, Wisconsin Shares, and BadgerCare notices and correspondence
  • Medicare notices and Medicare Explanation of Benefits (not from 2nd party providers or other health insurance providers)
  • Social Security and SSI notices and benefits statements
  • Public high school, technical college, and public university correspondence and documents, including: admissions correspondence, financial aid notices, report cards, and schedules
  • Federal student loan correspondence and notices
  • Billing statements and collection notices from a governmental entity
  • Correspondence from a federally recognized Native American Tribe living in Wisconsin

What if I am unsure if my document will qualify?

If you are unsure if your document will qualify as acceptable proof of residence, please contact:the Village Clerk.

REMEMBER: Acceptable Proof of Residence documents must always include the voter's name and current address.