Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials

The suitability of particular books or other materials for the library collection may occasionally be questioned by individuals or groups. All such criticism should be presented in writing to the Library Director on the citizen's "Request For Reconsideration Of Library Materials" form. (Copy of this form appended to this policy manual.)

  • Per Wisconsin Statute 19 .32, "Once completed, this form becomes a matter of public record."

Procedures for handling requests for reconsideration of library materials.

  • After a completed protest form is received by the Library Director, a committee consisting of the Library Director, a staff member, whose name is drawn at random, and a library board member (other than the board president) whose name is drawn at random, take the following steps:
    • Each member will individually review the complaint form.
    • Each member will individually read (view, etc.) the material in question in its entirety.
    • Each member will individually consult journals, magazines, or newspapers for opinions on the material in question.
    • The committee will hold a meeting to discuss the material in question and to express their feelings on it. This meeting shall be held within two months of the filing of the protest. The protester will be notified of this meeting and shall have the right to speak at that meeting.
    • Following the meeting, each member will submit, in writing, their recommendations to the Library Director.
    • The committee will meet again to discuss and consider the recommendations. A vote will be taken and the majority will rule.
    • During the duration of the committee's work, the material in question will remain in the library collection and will be treated the same as other library material.

Adopted 9/98. Revised 3/13.

Request for Reconsideration Form