Poster, Bulletin Board, and Distribution of Materials

  • Definition
    • In keeping with the Library's philosophy of providing access to a wide range of information sources designated spaces will be provided for announcements and notices of local community events.
  • Community notices of a cultural, community service or recreational nature may be posted at the Hartland Public Library subject to the following priorities:
    • Library Programs and items from the Friends of the Hartland Library.
    • Village of Hartland and Waukesha County government notices and publications.
    • Local educational institution notices and publications.
    • Non-profit organization materials of local interest.
  • All notices, posters and free literature must be approved, posted and removed from bulletin boards or display racks by library staff. Notices and posters will not be allowed for display on the exterior of the library or on the library grounds.
  • The Library will not display posters, petitions or notices for political parties or candidates or those advocating a position on a public issue. Religious events are permissible for informational purposes. The Library will not display product advertisements, commercial postings, or personal notices such as lost pets, rummage sales, personal benefit events, etc.
  • Staff may discard items not approved for placement and excess copies of any items received.
  • The Library will not be responsible for missing or damaged posters or free literature, nor will the Library be responsible for returning items to individuals after posting.
  • All items to be posted or displayed must identify the organization including name, address and phone number.
  • Posting of notices and distribution of material does not imply endorsement by the library.
  • Persons are strictly forbidden to distribute advertising literature in the library building, to circulate or post petitions, or to solicit funds for any purpose. The library is selective in making materials available for quantity distribution.

Adopted 07/16/84; revised 02/14/13