Gift and Endowment Policy

The Hartland Public Library Board of Trustees welcomes and encourages gifts in support of the library. Gifts must fit the library's mission and must be consistent with the library's service goals and objectives.

The Library Board is empowered by Wisconsin Statute 43.58 to administer gifts that are accepted. The Library Board reserves the right to designate the library director to manage contributions if so desired.

Types of Gifts


Gifts of materials and/ or specialty collections and their acceptance or disposal are referenced in Hartland Public Library Policy 7.9 (Gift section of Materials Selection Policy).

Real Property, art and other objects: 

Gifts of real property, art and other objects are accepted or not accepted on the basis of suitability to the library's mission, decor and availability of display space. The library has the authority to make whatever disposition is deemed advisable, which may include sale or transfer to another agency.

Monetary Gifts:

Monetary contributions without restrictions will be used for purchasing materials and other items for the library, supporting programs and services, or in other ways the Library Board deems appropriate. Contributions may be restricted specifically for the library's building fund or endowment. Any gift or endowment given to the library shall be under the control of the Board of Trustees and be used under its direction.

Terms of Acceptance

  • Restricted gifts are not accepted unless the restrictions or conditions are approved by the Library Board.
  • Accepted gifts may not be held permanently by the library. The library does not notify donors of withdrawal or discard of gift items.
  • Gifts, donations or grants which may involve significant or ongoing commitment of library funds will be presented to the Board for approval prior to acceptance.
  • Gift items will be formally acknowledged if the donor wishes.


The library will not provide an estimate of the value of a gift for tax purposes. Value appraisal for tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor.

Adopted 1/11