Purchasing Policy

Purchasing Policy

Draft June 2019

In accordance with section 43.58 of the Wisconsin Statues, purchases of the Library will be approved in accordance with the policies of the Library Board Prior to payment.

  • The Library board shall have exclusive control of the expenditure of all moneys collected, donated or appropriated for the library fund, and of the purchase of a site and the erection of the library building whenever authorized.
  • The library board shall audit and approve all expenditures of the public library and forward the bills or vouchers covering the expenditures, setting forth the name of each claimant or payee, the amount of each expenditure. And the purpose for which it was expended, to the appropriate municipal or county financial officer or, in the case of a school district, the school district clerk.

Amounts up to $2,000 shall be approved by the Library Director. Any purchases above $2,000 shall be approved by the Library Board, before the purchase is made.

Purchase Orders 

At the discretion of the Finance Director/Treasurer and the Library Director, pre-numbered Purchase Orders will only be required for purchases exceeding $500. Purchase Orders may be used for lower amounts but are not required. In any case that Purchase Orders are used, the form shall be completed in accordance with the instructions and shall be completed in advance of the intended purchase. Purchase orders will be provided by the Finance Department.


Payments will be made on presentation of an itemized invoice or other original document identifying the items to be paid and the cost for the specific purchase and, when a Purchase Order has been used, inclusion of the Purchase Order authorizing the purchase. Payments will not be made using statements. Prior to the payment of an invoice, the invoice shall be reviewed and approved by the appropriate personnel in accordance with the following. Approval shall be indicated by signing or initialing the invoice and including the proper account number to be charged on the invoice. In the case of credit card purchases, the original documentation received at the time of purchase must be approved by the appropriate supervisory staff prior to being placed in the proper file pursuant to Finance Department policy.

Emergency Payments

In cases of a bona fide emergency, the Village Administrator is authorized to approve contracts and purchases up to an amount less than $25,000 in aggregate for any single emergency. Expenditures in amounts of or in excess of $25,000 shall be approved in accordance with State Statue by the Library Board. The determination of a bona fide emergency rests solely with the Village Administrator.

In accordance with State Statutes, payments shall be approved by the Finance Director/Treasurer and the Library Board prior to distribution of the payment. Exceptions to this requirement may be permitted for emergency services where payment is required before service and are authorized for regular or routine payments for which external deadlines exist that do not coincide with Board meeting dates including, primarily, utility bills. In all cases, the payment amount shall be included on the list of items to be approved by the Library Board at the next scheduled meeting.

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