Code of Conduct Policy

This policy is designed to preserve a reasonably quiet and safe atmosphere in which library patrons may use library services and materials without disturbance. Under the provisions of Chapter 43 of the Wisconsin State Statutes, specifically section 43.52(2), the Hartland Public Library Board of Trustees may enact regulations that serve to ensure the safety of all library staff and patrons, protect the materials collection, and maintain order in the library.


Inappropriate behavior in the library infringes on the rights of all patrons to enjoy and use library services. Inappropriate behavior is defined as: any activity that disturbs others, interferes with library operations, damages property, as well as rudeness, profanity, abusive or harassing language including hate speech, racial slurs, or any other behavior generally considered unacceptable in a public place.


If a patron is not responsive to the needs of other library users or disregards the policies protecting patrons, staff, and library property, the patron will be asked to leave the library. A brief written report of any incident involving theft, vandalism, illegal activity, or major disruptive behavior will be filed with the library director as soon as possible after its occurrence.

The library director, acting on behalf of the Board of Trustees, may suspend the library privileges of any individual who willfully violates library regulations when the severity or continued reoccurrence warrants such action. The library director will inform the library board of any such action taken.

The person whose library privileges are suspended will be notified in writing of the suspension and the reason(s) for such action. Should the offender be under the age of 18, his or her legal guardian will also be sent written notice. The offending person may appeal the suspension at the next regularly scheduled Library Board meeting.

Smoking of any type is prohibited, including vapor or e-cigarette products.

Any person who is asked to leave the library as a result of the violation of these guidelines and refuses to do so shall be considered to be trespassing and may be subject to permanent exclusion from the Library and/or arrest. Any patron whose privileges have been denied by the library director may appeal the decision to the Hartland Public Library Board of Trustees.

Adopted 05/14/09; revised 04/12/18, 2/11/2021, 12/9/21