Garbage & Recycling Collection

2023 GFL Environmental

Collection Calendar and Recycling Map
GFL Trash and Recycling Collection Informational Flyer

2024 GFL Collection Calendar and Recycling Map

The Village of Hartland contracts with GFL Environmental for the collection of residential garbage and recyclable materials. The program, developed in cooperation with Waukesha County and many other municipalities in the county, provides for an expanded list of recyclable materials and streamlines the process of handling and collecting refuse and recycling. The cost for this service is included as a special charge on the annual tax bill.

Collection Process

Both refuse and recycling is collected from all households curbside on Tuesdays. Refuse/garbage is collected weekly from the container provided to each household by the contractor. This container is approximately 96 gallons in size with a black lid. Recyclable material is collected every other week. This container is also approximately 96 gallons in size with a green lid. 

Important Container Placement Reminder

Because the collection process is automated, it is important that the collection containers are placed as follows:

  • Carts must be place at street no later than 6am for collection
  • The arrows on the lid of the cart must point to the street
  • Handles and wheels should face away from the street
  • The garbage cart should be placed within 2 ft. of the street on one side of the driveway
  • The recycle cart should be placed within 2 ft. of the street on the other side of the driveway
  • Please keep 3 ft. of clearance between the carts and other objects, especially mailboxes and vehicles

Collection Days

Garbage is collected curbside once a week on Tuesdays. Recyclable materials are collected every other week. The Village is divided into two parts for recycling collection. The GFL garbage/recycling calendar link below shows recycling dates as either Zone 1, North of Capitol Drive, or Zone 2, South of Capitol Drive.  Locate your street on the correct recycling map to verify your bi-weekly pickup dates.

Single Sort Recycling

The Village shifted to single sort recycling effective Jan. 1, 2015. Under single sort, residents only need to separate recyclable material from garbage. No need to separate recyclable materials any further.

Place the following items directly in your Recycling Cart (do not put recycling in bags):

  • Aluminum cans and clean aluminum foil
  • Tin cans, steel cans, empty aerosol cans
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • #1, #2, and #5 type plastics
  • Milk cartons, juice boxes, soup cartons
  • Newspaper, magazines, books, mail, school/ office paper
  • Brown corrugated cardboard
  • Gray chipboard (cereal and shoe boxes)
  • Brown paper bags

Bulk Collection

Residents shall contact the GFL Customer Care Center to schedule the Bulky Waste Collection

  • Resident will be asked to confirm address, and item for collection • Limit of one item per week
  • Resident will be provided with the day the collection will occur, along with a Work Order/Confirmation #

All items must be WI landfill-eligible for disposal. Items for collection include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Household furniture (couches, chairs, tables, cabinets, dressers, or similar)
  • Mattresses/Box Springs    
  • Appliances
  • Carpet Roll (must be rolled and tied, not to exceed 4ft length or 12” diameter - limit of four (4) per week)
  • Countertop, not to exceed 4ft length or 36” wide
  • Doors, windows, toilet, other replacement items from a project
  • General debris that is too large to place in the cart
  • Freon-appliances, extra charges apply
  • Construction debris, extra charges apply

Excluded items include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Electronic Waste     
  • Tires     
  • Any other items that are banned from WI landfills

Bulk recycling should be taken to the Village of Hartland Recycling Center located at 701 Progress Drive. Please review the Recycling and Yard Waste Calendar for hours and a list of acceptable and non-acceptable items. 

Alternative Bulk Waste Option

Village of Hartland Residents are to deliver Bulky Waste or additional Solid Waste items to GFL Transfer Station located at 630 East Industrial Drive in Hartland, Wisconsin. Resident shall show proof of residency within the Village. Contractor/construction material and debris is limited to a quantity of 1-32gal. Box truck and/or trailer filled with construction and debris material is not accepted as an alternative bulk waste option. 

Acceptance guidelines are similar to the items eligible for Curbside Collection.

Hours of operation for the Alternative Bulk Waste option are as follows: 

  • TUESDAYS – 8am-11am
  • 1st SATURDAY of the Month – 7am-10:30am

Unsure of how to properly dispose of an item? Refer to Waukesha County's helpful Product Disposal Page.

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Village of Hartland Recycling and Yard Waste

Information regarding hours and accepted materials at the Village of Hartland Department of Public Works Recycling and Yard Waste Center can be found on the Recycling & Yardwaste Drop Off Site tab.