Lake Country Libraries Memory Project

The Lake Country Libraries Memory Project is a cooperative effort between the Hartland, Delafield, Town Hall, Oconomowoc and Pewaukee libraries. We sponsor a monthly Memory Café and various educational programs for the general public.

What are Memory Cafes?

A Memory Café is a social gathering for those who are experiencing early stage dementia, mild memory loss or mild cognitive impairment and their family member or caregiver. The libraries take turns hosting a Café on the first Friday of each month. The Café is a place to have fun, find support and share experiences. 

A Memory Café is an informal social gathering for those living with early-stage memory loss and their care partner. Please visit for more information.

Drumming with Gary Huber Memory Café

Friday, July 7 at 10: 30 am

Join us at Hartland Public Library for a fun morning filled with drumming led by Gary Huber. Memory Cafés are informal social gatherings for those who have early-stage Alzheimer’s disease or memory loss, and their care partner. Registration is preferred but not required. Please visit to register or call the Library at 262-367-3350 to register.