Dangers of Batteries and Cell Phone Chargers

Battery Overheating and Overnight Charging

Unofficial iPhone chargers are available on the internet at a reduced rate, however they could be the cause of a number of fires each year.

It is possible that sub standard wiring is the problem with some after market charging cords. 

Battery overheating

A central part of the safety concerns experts have with products bought online focuses on generic chargers - advertised as being compatible with a number of devices.

Officials state that because different devices require different levels of charge, generic chargers run the risk of putting too much energy into a device, causing the battery to overheat.

Branded chargers are less likely to cause that problem because they are specifically designed for each particular device.

Consumers should use the charger supplied with a product whenever possible.

If you cannot, The fire department recommends the purchase of approved products.

We advise customers to:

  • Only buy approved chargers for products
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions
  • Contact the manufacturer directly if in doubt.
  • use the right charger for the right device

Overnight charging

People should also avoid leaving devices to charge unattended, especially overnight! It is important to think about where items are being left while they are charging. Keep the charging stations or areas away from combustibles.

For example, if a product is charged on a flammable or combustible surface, that increases the chance of a fire spreading.

HFD also warns against overloading outlets. Use proper UL approved surge protectors or outlet strips.