Library Objectives

Vision Statement

The population served is all residents. Certain elements of our population such as children/young adults and senior citizens may require special services. Emphasis should be placed on meeting recreational and informational needs in a convenient, non-fee, barrier-free manner. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the library is to provide access to general and local information, current topics/titles, and to support life-long learning. The goals are as follows:

  • General and Local Information Goal: To provide adequate and current technology and access to information.
  • Current Topics/Titles Goal: To develop and maintain popular-interest materials.
  • Life-Long Learning Goal: To provide all age groups with materials and services in a variety of formats that encourage personal growth.

Execution of Purpose

To execute fully to its three-fold mission, within its means, the library shall provide materials and services as well as the best possible guidance in their use. These library materials and services shall be made as conveniently available to the people of the area as the library budget will permit. 

Standard for this Library

The Wisconsin Public Library Standards, as adopted by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction - Division for Libraries and Community Learning, will be the goal toward which this library will strive. 

Adopted 4/8/99