Library Objectives

Vision Statement

Promoting creative exploration and learning, by connecting people, information and ideas with excellent service and continued relevancy.

Objectives and Goals

Ensure continued relevancy throughout community, by promoting Library services and increasing community involvement.

  • Evaluate current outreach services, and continually seek out sustainable partnerships for additional outreach opportunities.
  • Change the narrative on library messaging and engagement, by continuous improvement in marketing practices.
  • Investigate feasibility of outreach at daycare providers throughout community.
  • Continually look for beneficial collaborations within the community.

Connecting people, ideas, and information with opportunities for enrichment and creative exploration.

  • Utilize Friends of the Library group as a way of bringing people together to support the library.
  • Implement new technologies both in house and as a learning destination.
  • Evaluate the need and feasibility to add creative spaces/study rooms to the library.
  • Utilize the momentum for change and promote creativity in programming and collection.
  • Grow the alternative collection, and use as a tool to grow interest and relevancy within the community.
  • Steer the library to be more future read and adaptive to change.

Provide responsive, purposeful services and an outstanding user experience that is inclusive, respectful, and welcoming for all. 

  •  Provide education opportunities for staff to continue to grow.
  • Facilitate cross-training opportunities for all staff.
  • Evaluate service needs and ensure we are meeting patron needs.
  • Using display and diverse selection, foster an inclusive space where everyone is represented.
  • Promote expanded staff outreach, utilizing our staff to have the farthest reach in community.
  • Foster a growth mindset for all staff.
  • Continuously look for ways to increase the user experience through customer service.
  • Change narrative on holds wait time and availability for better customer experience.

Approved by the Board in the Strategic Plan (2019-2023) in October 2019.