Library Materials, Services, and Facilities Policy

Library Cards

Library Cards will be issued to:

  • Any person residing in the service area of the Bridges Library System.
  • Any person who is a resident of another library system, which has a cooperative agreement with Bridges.
  • Any resident or non-resident of Waukesha County who provides evidence that he/she pays taxes on real property within the corporate limits of the Village of Hartland.
  • Any child will, upon application, be issued a borrower's card if the application for the initial card is signed by a parent/guardian. The above residency requirements apply.

Use or Denial of Library Services

The use of the library or its services may be denied for the following reasons:

  • Failure to return materials or to pay penalties;
  • Destruction of library property;
  • Disturbance of other library users;
  • Failure to show proper identification as required by the circulation staff, i.e. driver's license, telephone number, and/or a verifiable address;
  • Any other objectionable or illegal conduct.

Use of Library Facilities

Meetings Within the Library

Meetings may be held in the Program Room of the library, or in any area other than the Quiet Reading Area.

Cell Phone Policy

Talking on personal cell phones is allowed in the library in all areas except the Quiet Reading Area.

Open Service Policy

Library service will not be denied or abridged because of religious racial,social, economic or political status.

Inter-library Loan Service

As a convenience to our library users and in order to provide broader service, the Hartland Public Library will provide Inter-loan services through Bridges Library System as well as providing our materials to other libraries.

Adopted 9/10/98, revised 12/11/00, 6110/04, 3/14/13 and 12/01/16