Fines and Fees Policy

Policy on Fines and Lost Materials:


In general, the purpose for levying fines for lost and overdue library materials is to ensure that these materials, as specified in Village of Hartland Ordinance No. 318, are returned to the library in a timely fashion. With that purpose in mind, the library's Board of Trustees has adopted the following policy for fines and lost materials.


Unless otherwise specified, a fine of ten (10} cents per day per item will be levied. This fine will not be levied for days the library is closed (i.e. Sundays and holidays). A maximum fine of $5.00 per item will be imposed. A grace period may be established at the Director's discretion.

Exceptions to the usual fine rate

  • Inter-library loan. Items obtained for the patron through traditional Inter-library Loan will accrue late fines at $1.00 per day. There is no maximum fine and no grace period for ILL materials.
  • Items from other CAFE libraries may be subject to the fine schedules of the owning library.

Lost and damaged materials

From time to time library users either damage library materials to a point where they are no longer usable or they lose these materials. In these cases, to reimburse the library for the cost of preparing items for circulation, library staff will charge the library users the full cost of replacing the item plus an additional $10.00 service charge. If the cost of the item is less than $10.00 the replacement fee will be $5.00. There will be no replacement fee for periodicals. When library users pay for lost items the overdue fine will be forgiven.

Forgiving and negotiating

The library's Director is authorized to forgive or negotiate fines and charges at their discretion. This ability to forgive and negotiate may be conferred on other staff members by the Director.

Retrieving overdue materials:

Retrieval of overdue materials may be referred to the Village of Hartland Police Department, in keeping with the Village of Hartland Ord. 9.26(17) when said materials appear uncollectible through regular library procedure.

Miscellaneous fees and charges:

  • A replacement fee may be charged for lost library cards.
  • Photocopier: A fee of 15 cents per page will be charged for use of the public access photocopier.
  • Public Access Internet Printing: 15 cents per page will be charged for printing from the Internet computers.
  • From time to time, items are returned requiring repairs or which are missing pieces. The amount of t he fee for these cases is determined on a situational basis.

Adopted 9/98; revised 2/00 and 3/13