Volunteer Policy

  • Purpose: The Hartland Public Library Board of Trustees believes that citizen participation in the library is an important ingredient in the liaison between library staff and community. Volunteers do not replace paid staff, but instead partner with them to provide the best possible service to library patrons and taxpayers. In order to provide a positive experience for both volunteers and staff, the following provisions will be enforced:
  1. The library welcomes volunteers 12 years of age and older to work in the library. Permission of a parent or guardian must be secured for those under 18 years of age.
  2. A volunteer performs tasks for the Hartland Public Library without wages, benefits, or compensation of any kind, including workman's compensation.
  3. Prospective volunteers must fill out and submit an application which will be reviewed by the Library Director. If no suitable job matches are available at the time, the applicant will be informed that their application will be kept on file for one year. If an appropriate position opens within that time, the applicant will be contacted.
  4. Prospective volunteers may be required to be interviewed by the Library Director. ·
  5. Volunteers can be terminated for any of the same reasons as a paid staff member.
  6. Volunteers must read and sign the Code of Ethics before beginning a job assignment.

Code of Ethics

As a volunteer, I realize that I am subject to a code of ethics similar to that which governs the professionals and other staff with whom I work.

I will keep confidential matters confidential.

I interpret volunteer to mean that I have agreed to work without compensation, but I expect to do my work according to the standards of a paid staff member.

I promise to bring to my volunteer work a willingness to be trained, and to bring to it my interest and attention.

Signed. ______________________ Date. _________

Adopted 8/21/02