Tree Planting and Maintenance

The Village of Hartland has a long standing goal of creating tree lined streets, therefore, trees have been placed in the right of way on both sides of most streets. The right of way is typically from the curb 15' toward the home. There are several factors taken into consideration when trees are planted. Some of these include underground utilities, overhead utility wires and street signs.

Street trees planted in the Village right of way are considered a Village asset and as such the responsibility to maintain the trees fall to the Village. The Village has an annual budget to plant, maintain, and/or replace trees. Trees are typically replaced due to damage or disease. Unfortunately, sometimes the demand is greater than the available funding.

The tree trimming performed on the street trees is performed by Village staff as time permits. Tree trimming is done to provide the proper clearance for trucks in the street and for pedestrians on the sidewalks. Trees that are not trimmed on the street side could obstruct street signs, cause damage to vehicles or the tree. Trees that are not trimmed on the sidewalk side could cause injury to pedestrians or bikers. Private property trees or bushes that hang over the Village right of way are sometimes trimmed by Village staff for the same safety reasons.

Private property trees that encroach the Village right of way that are trimmed by the property owner help maintain the health and aesthetics of the trees in the Village.