Election Equipment

Badger Books 

Voters in the Village of Hartland will see new election equipment at the polls in 2020 with the recent purchase of Badger Books. 

In 2017, Wisconsin Elections Commission staff developed an electronic poll book system to be used in polling places in Wisconsin on Election Day. The "Badger Book" is electronic poll book software that is specific to Wisconsin elections practices and statutes. It is the only electronic poll book software created to integrate with the statewide voter registration system. Badger Books do not use an internet connection.

The Badger Book is primarily used to check in voters, process absentee ballots and register voters on Election Day. The Badger Book maintains the voter number and count independent of poll worker input.  After Election Day, a data file generated from the Badger Book is used to upload election participation and Election Day Registration information into WisVote.

On Election Day, the devices will physically be in place of the paper poll books.  Voters will be asked to provide their name and address to the election official.  Staff will be able to locate names in the system quickly and view required photo ID.  Voters will sign the electronic poll book with their finger and a number will be issued through the system.  Once provided the number, the voter will proceed to the ballot table to receive their ballot and vote. 

Some benefits of Badger Books that will impact voters include:

· No longer need to identify what ward they reside in as the system automatically provides that information.
· Eliminates the need for separate lines as all devices are identical.
· Signing of the electronic poll book is quick and easy.
· Efficient voter registration process (no paper form to complete)Badger Book

DS200 Precinct Scanner and Tabulator

A paper ballot will be issued to each voter after signing the poll book. Voters will notice that they will no longer be connecting an arrow to select a candidate but will instead be filling in an oval. Once selections are made on the ballot, the voter will place the ballot into the DS200 machine for scanning. The machine will provide a message to the voter that their ballot has been counted.

A video of the DS200 Precinct Scanner and Tabulator is available for viewing online.


Voters wishing to vote on the accessible ExpressVote equipment will be issued a blank ballot specifically designed for use in the machine. The voter will place the blank ballot into the machine to begin the voting process. Selections will be made on the touch screen and when all selections have been made, the voter will opt to print the ballot. Once printed, the ballot will be returned to the voter by the ExpressVote. The voter will then place the ballot into the DS200 machine for scanning.