Building, Inspection and Zoning Forms


Board of Zoning Appeals Application (PDF) -Click link to Sec. 46-125 of the Zoning Code for further information (PDF)
Building Permit Application (PDF)
Building Permit Fee Schedule (PDF)
Business Occupancy Permit (PDF)
Curb Cut Permit (PDF)
Residential Occupancy Permit - includes the Refund Voucher (PDF)
Electrical Permit (PDF)
Erosion Control Permit (PDF)
HVAC Permit (PDF)
Land Disturbance Permit (PDF)
Plumbing Permit (PDF)
Sandwich Board Sign - Commercial Areas (PDF)
Sign Permit (PDF)
Street Right-of-Way Use Permit (PDF)
Tree Planting/Removal Permit (PDF)
WI Uniform Building Permit - for new home construction (PDF)


Architectural Board Application - Commercial/Industrial/Multifamily and Signs (PDF) 
Architectural Board Application - One & Two Family Residential (PDF)
Conditional Use Application (PDF)
Petition for Land Division (PDF)
Petition for Rezoning/Zoning Amendment (PDF)
Plan Commission Application (PDF)
Planned Unit Development Application (PDF)
Professional Service Reimbursement Form (PDF)
Link to Chapter 46 Zoning Ordinance
Link to Chapter 50 Land Subdivision


Village of Hartland 2045 Comprehensive Plan

2045 Future Land Use Map (PDF)

Design Guidelines for downtown area (PDF)

E. Capitol Drive Redevelopment Plan Part 1 (PDF)
E. Capitol Drive Redevelopment Plan Part 2 (PDF)

E. Capitol Drive Redevelopment Plan Appendix 1-4 (PDF)
E. Capitol Drive Redevelopment Plan Appendix 5-8 (PDF)

Village Center Plan - Part 1 (PDF)
Village Center Plan - Part 2 (PDF)
Village Center Plan - Part 3 (PDF)
Village Center Plan - Part 4 (PDF)