Have A Hart

Downtown Atmosphere

At times, friends of the Village look for opportunities to donate to Hartland to improve some aspect of the community they particularly enjoy. The Village has a number of possibilities including park amenities, benches, trees, banners and many others. For example, the downtown business district of Hartland reflects our community pride. It is our public face for those who shop and do business with us. The atmosphere of the downtown is extremely important in retaining local businesses and recruiting new ones. We want those who come to our downtown business district to experience the vitality of a community that has successfully combined the best of modern living with small town friendliness!

Show Your Pride

Street banners, flags and landscaping in public places are an important component of Hartland's image. We need to change banners and flags frequently, both for seasonal interest and because of the wear and tear inflicted by our climate.

Landscaping of public places, such as the recent improvements made to the Downtown/Village Center area, are vital to the downtown. They give pedestrians a place to rest and create a sense of place for the community.

You Can Help

How can you help? You or your organization can purchase street banners or flags, street trees or landscape plantings. You can also fund a larger project, such as the Rotary Club did in the Village Center area or as Rotary and the Kiwanis did with the Nixon Park Splash Pad and its pavilions.

See who is already helping the community!