Public Records

For information on obtaining law enforcement related records, visit the Police Department Record Request page.

To request other types of public records, complete and submit the Public Record Request Form (PDF).

As it is impractical to name every record, only the department and the official custodian for the records for that department of the Village are listed below. If you are interested in a specific record, please contact the office staff of the village and they will tell you which department has custody of that record.

Ryan Bailey, Interim Village Administrator
Darlene Igl, Village Clerk
Dave Felkner, Interim Public Works Director
Torin Misko, Chief of Police
Dave Jambretz, Fire Chief
Laura Gest, Library Director
Scott Hussinger, Building Inspector/Zoning Administrator

Records in the Village Clerk's Office are available at the Municipal Building, 210 Cottonwood Avenue, Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Cost of Records:

Photocopies - $.25 per page for the first copy and $.10 for each additional copy of the same page for duplicating and furnishing copies of public records or papers. No copies shall be mailed to any applicant unless prior arrangement are made with the Village Clerk for payment of postage.

Electronic records - $.07 per page plus cost of storage device if provided by the Village for content stored, converted or stored in electronic format and transmitted in electronic format. Number of pages is determined by the number of pages in a standard printed version of the document.

Audio recordings - $1.00 per recording or meeting plus cost of storage device if provided by the Village.

Records which require more than $50.00 of labor and materials to procure will require a 2/3 payment in advance, which is non-refundable. In cases where the labor cost to the Village to locate a record is $50.00 or more, the cost of such labor will be passed on to the requester. This cost shall include all processing and materials.