The Village of Hartland owns and operates cemeteries located at 300 and 416 West Capitol Drive and 211 Hill Street. Village staff is responsible for the overall maintenance of these cemeteries including grounds maintenance, landscaping and record keeping. The goal is to ensure that the cemeteries provide a peaceful resting place for your loved ones.

If you are considering one of these cemeteries as a final resting place, contact the Hartland Village Hall where a staff member will be available to help you locate an available grave site. A visit to the cemetery with the Director of Public Works or Public Works Operations Supervisor may be necessary to make sure your lot location choice is documented accurately.

The cost per grave site is $750 and may be purchased individually or as a group. One full burial and one cremation or two cremation burials are allowed on each grave site. Arrangements must be made privately for burial.

For plot purchase/transfer or general inquiries email Sandee Policello, Village Clerk or call (262) 367-2714.

For grave marking or maintenance email Dave Felkner, Public Works Director or call (262) 367-2714.