School Programs


This is a cooperative effort between all the schools in the Village of Hartland and the police department. On school days, a day team officer will make a personal visit to each school and do a walk through, as well as meet with staff and students as needed. This positive program, allows more interaction between the children and the officers, along with addressing issues at the school and being an available resource for school staff. In addition, a specifically assigned officer is a liaison with all the schools to provide assistance as needed.


These types of programs are custom designed for the schools, as well as other student orientated groups. Because our staff has various interests and backgrounds, we are able to customize a learning program based upon any school age group. Past programs include:

  • department tours for scout groups
  • drug and alcohol awareness to middle school students
  • law and consequence training to Arrowhead High School students
  • chaperone middle school dances
  • and other specialized training

These programs are very popular among the students and schools.


Each school day that Arrowhead High School and Lake Country Lutheran High School are in session, officers are assigned to monitor these areas for traffic and student safety reasons during the morning and afternoon busy times. The need to provide this service is based upon a high volume of vehicles and/or pedestrians that may be present in these school zones, and to reduce or eliminate the neighborhood concerns about unsafe driving or other complaints related to the high school or students. The message sent is: Drive Carefully and Behave Yourself.