Police Department Public Records

Availability of Public Records

  1. The Hartland Police Department is an authority for the purpose of record keeping as defined in ss 19.34 (1), Wis. Statutes. The Police Department is responsible for the enforcement of laws and ordinances, the apprehension and prosecution of persons who violate laws and ordinances, the preservation of public peace and order, and to provide such other services as may be required by the Hartland Village Board, or when resources allow the delivery of such services.
  2. Certain records, or portions of records, retained at the Police Department are exempt from inspection and/or copying pursuant to ss 19.36(2), ss 19.31-19.39, ss 895.50, ss 905.09, ss 905.10, ss 938.293, and ss 938.396, Wis. Statutes, and the Federal Freedom of Information Act.
  3. The Chief of Police is the legal custodian of the records for the department. The Chief of Police has designated the Deputy Chief, Captain of Police, Lieutenant of Police, and Investigator as deputy record custodians. Upon review of the department, available records will be available for inspection and/or copying from 7:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. on Monday through Friday; excluding holidays. Immediate inspection of such records may be delayed if the content of the record dictates review by the Village Attorney, the District Attorney, or the records custodian to determine if that record can be legally inspected by the requester.
  4. No person will be allowed to remove an original Police Department record from the Departments designated area for inspection of the record. In accordance with ss 19.35(1)(k), Wis. Statutes, the record custodian and deputy custodians reserve the right to place reasonable restrictions on the manner of access to an original record if the record is irreplaceable or easily damaged.
  5. The Department is not required to purchase or lease photocopying, duplicating, photographic or other equipment, or to provide a separate room for inspection, copying or abstracting of records.
  6. Fees for providing copies of Department records are authorized by statute.
    • The current fee: 25c per sheet of one sided paper.
    • $15 Audio/Video/Photos (each DVD). 
    • Possible location and identification fee depending on the amount of reports requested.
  7. The Local Public Office within this agency is: Chief of Police.

Juvenile Records

Wis. Statute 938 provides information in regards to the release of any records that pertain to a juvenile. A Juvenile is defined as anyone less than 18 years of age. However, for the purpose of prosecuting a person who is alleged to have violated a Federal Law, State Law, Civil Law, or a Municipal Ordinance, Juvenile does not include a person who has attained 17 years of age.

Juvenile Records will NOT be released (regardless of the classification of the juvenile) unless there is an exemption by law.

The prohibition against inspection or disclosure of law enforcement records involving juveniles does not apply to:

  1. Media representatives who wish to obtain information for the purpose of reporting news without revealing the identity of the juvenile involved.
  2. Victim-witness coordinators.
  3. Victims of a juveniles act who wish to obtain information for the purpose of recovering for any loss, damage or injury suffered as a result of the juveniles act.
  4. Insurance Companies that wish to obtain information for the purpose of investigating a claim involving the juvenile.
  5. The confidential exchange of information between the police and officials of the school attended by the juvenile, or other law enforcement or social welfare agencies.
  6. Records of juveniles 10 years old or older who are subject to jurisdiction of criminal (adult) court.
  7. Hartland Police Department Policy (Chapter 5.3) provides the specific detail as to when juvenile records may or may not be released.