Your Choice to Live


  • Raise awareness about drugs and alcohol to our youth, parents and the community by educating all community members of the risks of drug and alcohol and to help them work together
  • Remove barriers to openly discuss the issues of drugs and alcohol and the devastating effects they can have on young people and their families
  • Restructure resources offering a variety of support, education, counseling and treatment


Your Choice to Live is a drug and alcohol awareness program for our youth, presented by young adults who share their personal experience with the choices they each made regarding drugs and alcohol during their own school days. Some of our young speakers made a personal choice to stay out of harm's way at a time when just saying no seemed almost impossible. Some of our speakers found themselves trapped in a cycle of addiction. Our mission is to reach our youth before the drugs do with the knowledge and skills to make the best choice, and the resolve to remain substance free.

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